Nearly 14 Percent of Rutherford County Bridges Are Obsolete or Deficient, Feds Say

Eleven of Rutherford County’s bridges are structurally deficient, and another 45 are handling traffic jobs they were not designed for, the 2014 data from the U.S. Department of Transportation’s National Bridge Inventory show.

In all, 13.5 percent of the county’s 416 bridges have some kind of problem, including spans on major thoroughfares like South Church Street, Northwest Broad Street, and North Thompson Lane.

Tennessee’s Problem Bridges, 2014, By County
This interactive map shows the location of Tennessee bridges that are functionally obsolete (yellow) or structurally deficient (red). Zoom out to see the situation statewide. Darker-shaded counties have higher percentages of troubled bridges. Source: National Bridge Inventory.