Nashville’s June unemployment lowest among state’s metro areas

Only 5.1 percent of Nashville-area workers lacked a job in June, the lowest unemployment rate among Tennessee’s 10 metropolitan regions, federal figures released Thursday show.

The still-preliminary figure falls below both the Nashville area’s 5.7 percent unemployment rate from last June and the current national figure of 5.5 percent unemployment.

The Knoxville area posted a 5.9 percent unemployment rate, the next-lowest in the state. The Memphis area’s 7 percent unemployment ranked highest, but Memphis, along with Clarksville, also posted the largest decline in unemployment – a little more than one percentage point – since last year. Unemployment declined across all 10 of the state’s metro areas compared to June of last year.

June 2015 Unemployment Across Tennessee’s 10 Metro Areas
Redder shading indicates higher unemployment. Bluer shading indicates lower unemployment. Click any metro area for details.

Nationwide, Nashville’s unemployment rate was identical to that of 13 other metro areas, including Bowling Green, Kentucky, and Raleigh, North Carolina. The lowest unemployment rate among all U.S. metro areas was Lincoln, Nebraska’s 2.6 percent rate. The highest was 22.6 percent in Yuma, Arizona.

Here are the figures for all metro areas in the U.S. The Nashville metropolitan area includes Murfreesboro and Franklin. The data were released Thursday by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.

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