Accounting profs are MTSU’s best-paid faculty members

MTSU’s accounting professors probably get lots of personal practice, a comparison of base salaries on campus suggests.

They earn an average base salary of just over $117,000, more than the average professor’s salary in any other campus department with two or more professors, the analysis of salary data from the Tennessee Board of Regents salary database shows.

Faculty in Computer Information Systems rank second, earning an average of $111,523, and faculty in Economics and Finance place third, with an average salary of $108,684. Overall, business, computer, math, and science faculties earned the top salaries on campus.

Art professors came in last with an average salary of $55,501, just below the $60,442 average among elementary and special education professors and the $63,459 average salary among speech and theater professors. In all, the analysis compared average, maximum and minimum salaries of 734 faculty in 37 campus departments.

To be included in the analysis, a salary had to belong to an MTSU employee who had the word “professor” in his or her title and who worked in a department on campus that had two or more faculty members listed. These criteria excluded adjuncts and part-time instructors and professors who held lone positions in special departments or some academic chairs. The salary data are current as of Sept. 1, 2014, according to the Tennessee Board of Regents website from which the salary data were obtained.

Average faculty salaries by MTSU department

Tennessee Board of Regents employee salaries are public record in Tennessee, and any TBR employee’s name, title, department and salary can be found by searching the online salary database. The data exclude longevity, stipends, and additional salary for temporary or additional duties.

Campus-wide, the salaries analyzed averaged $75,991 and ranged from $42,000 to $162,697. The top-paid administrator on campus, MTSU President Sidney McPhee, was listed as earning $329,790, the third-highest salary on campus behind head men’s basketball coach Kermit Davis’ $350,000 base salary and head football coach Richard Stockstill’s $721,704 base salary.